About us


We have operated in the medical supply industry for over 30 years. We know we're not like the others in the Medical Supply industry, and that's why we continue that way. We are proud to offer our customers a specific selection of medical, personal protective equipment and health products.

Fast delivery is what differentiates us in the industry from the others. Our success is primarily due to the fact that we do not compromise on quality and are also available for a cheaper price. While other competitors order, we ensure that ours partners get the supplies they need.

It is important to us to always deliver products and services with high quality and secure time-saving deliveries. World Medico will be a partner you feel safe with and where you always know you will get what you ordered.

We are in a strong growth phase with an ever-growing customer base. Our values ​​in service and quality led us in 2014 to collaborations with a total of over 16,000 business customers consisting of municipalities, regions and private actors.

World Medico is one of the Nordic countries' fastest growing suppliers of products, services and storage of emergency products and medical protective equipment. Our HQ with warehouse is in Copenhagen, but we see that in the near future we will expand to more locations in the Nordic region.

During 2021/2022, priority will be given to gloves, disposable items and aprons.

A reliable total supplier

Our goal is to be a complete supplier that delivers everything from logistics and storage to products, analysis work and purchasing. World Medico strives to be the given and secure supplier for public and private organisations.

Our results speak for themselves

We work closely with over 16,000 business customers in both the municipal and private sectors. Right now, we handle, among other things, the delivery of medical protective materials and logistics to over 100 municipalities and 8 governments in 6 countries as well as over 120 private companies B2B.