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Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality

In our efforts to take joint responsibility for the environment, we have carefully selected a manufacturer for the production of our nitrile gloves. Our main manufacturer shares our environmental vision and mission about energy savings and emission reduction. Energy sustainability is a cornerstone, and environmental protection is crucial to their growth strategy, just as it is at World Medico.

In line with national goals of carbon neutrality in 2030 and 2060, the factory has launched a “green, low-carbon, and recycling action plan.” Technology experts and stakeholders have collaborated since 2021 to create a carbon management system in accordance with current standards. The system closely monitors the CO2 footprint, ensures continuous emission reduction, and conducts regular progress analyses towards CO2 neutrality.

Quality and Green Initiatives

An advanced quality management model ensures that our nitrile gloves meet the highest standards. Technological design and energy management systems optimize energy consumption. Advanced water recycling and chemical reuse systems reduce wastewater discharge. It is these technological initiatives that contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly production lines.

Our packaging, including boxes and shipping boxes, is made of recyclable paper material.

1000 +

Units Recycled via recycling

1000 +

Trees saved in production.

1000 +

Kilometers driven environmentally conscious.

Social Sustainability Initiatives.

Our commitment to sustainability, however, also extends beyond the environment and includes social aspects. For World Medico, social sustainability is about upholding universal human rights, health and safety for the community, and continuous combat against discrimination. We strive for healthy communities with just leaders and respect for individual, occupational, and cultural rights.

Sustainability is a dynamic process that comprises three central pillars: economic, environmental, and social. At World Medico, these pillars are closely integrated into our planning, strategies, and investments.

We want to make a difference by promoting sustainable thinking in our business practices. Through our “World Medico Green Mission”, we engage employees, customers, and the community around us in making greener choices and taking social responsibility. Our slogan, “Sustainable Thinking,” marks the beginning of this journey.

We work to maintain ecological integrity, ensure high quality, and promote social and environmental responsibility. At World Medico, we see it as our duty to act and create a sustainable future for everyone.