Paper Roll Towels 2 Pcs.


Dispenser: 100 stk. handsker
Box: 10 æsker pr. carton
Pallet: X coli
Stock status:

Durable paper roll towels that absorb all liquids, including oil and grease, as well as dirt of various origins.


  • EKONOMIK paper roll towels
  • Corrugated and perforated
  • Highly absorbent
  • 2 rolls
  • 4-ply
  • 100% cellulose
  • Strip width: 29 cm, length: 150 m



Our four-ply paper towel rolls are highly absorbent and versatile. Designed for quick absorption of water, oil, grease, and lubricant.

Our commercial package includes 2 rolls of towels. Perfect for restaurants, hospitals, and other businesses.

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